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The 2x7 Building Blocks Of The OneBiz Traffic Network

OneBiz is an innovative cloud service for fully automated content and traffic building on the internet. It makes possible the distribution of one’s own content, such as blog posts, expert articles, videos, press releases, social news, audio files, documents and other digital contents.

The best from the world of MLM, network marketing, franchising, gamification and affiliate marketing are fused into one business. Desirable content can be spinned in multiple variations, be remixed, or time released via “drip-feeding” into dozens or even hundreds of profiles, accounts and websites. Every account will receive its own, uniquely spinned & SEO optimized version.



1. Traffic Automation

Traffic AutomationOne Biz is an innovative cloud service for fully automated content and traffic building on the internet. The system makes it possible to connect with any chosen profile on the internet, or to create many new accounts and profiles online. Within these profiles it becomes possible to publish content such as blog posts, expert articles, videos, press releases, social news, audio files, documents and other digital information. Technically it becomes possible to connect any desired website on the internet to OneBiz’s submission-system, but you may also connect and utilize social networks such as Twitter, Facebook & Xing

Multi Level Commission System


1. Multilevel Commission System

Multilevel Comission SystemThe second part of OneBiz is its Multi-level commissions and bonus program, which is based on the concept of network marketing. Conceived as a 3 part matrix, OneBiz pays commissions unto the 14th level. 7 levels benefit directly and immediately, while the last 7 levels can be activated through appropriate activity and points total. The commissions program spans across the entire international franchising system (with thousands of future branches worldwide) AS WELL AS across all “user cells” (accounts) as part of the fractal and virally based OneBiz.com cloud service.

2. Fractal & Viral Traffic Building

2. Fraktal & Viral Traffic BuildingThe complete concept surrounding OneBiz was based on the principles of fractal growth and taken directly from nature. Every user account is therefore similar to the next and constitutes a natural “cell” within the fractally growing OneBiz community. If one account is cloned (such as through recommendation or new registration of a user) then this account will contain an exact copy of the previous “cells” including all viral mechanisms, trainings, content and “cell functions”. OneBiz was itself conceived to be viral, regardless whether a user is building traffic or a partner is advertising OneBiz.

2. Online & Offline Comission

Operational Advertising Tools.The commission claims of OneBiz partners do not merely consist of monthly sharing of online membership contributions, but of all offline based regional franchise branches globally, which are adding new users to the OneBiz system from all across the globe. A completely new dimension of franchising and network marketing is created, because commissions do not merely derive from a product or company, but from a global franchising system, as well as a virally oriented traffic-cloud-service.

3. Online & Offline Franchising

Online & Offline FranchisingOneBiz consists of an offline and online based franchising system, each of which are fused into one another intelligently. The online system trains franchise members on a long term basis, while the offline system is adding new users to the online system via hosting regional seminars. These two self contained and inherently viral systems (online and offline) are very intertwined with one another and support each other through permanent viral loops. OneBiz therefore becomes the first online and offline based franchising system.

3. Operational Advertising Tools.

Operational Advertising ToolsEvery OneBiz User automatically receives a partner ID and a derived partner link. He may find this link within his account and is able to share it immediately online. Every new user, who is registering through such a partner link, will now be added to the sponsoring person’s team structure. A new clone is created through this new account, a new cell, which will be connected with the sponsor’s cell for life. In every new “cell”, and in every account, users may find plenty of ready made advertising tools such as expert articles, blog posts, videos, press releases, social news or banners.

4. Time Controlled Publishing

Time Controlled PublishingOneBiz users may publish their own content at any time, in any way and in a time controlled manner. Campaigns may be created for various channels (video channel, press channel, blogging channel etc), which will then start or end at preset times or be published via drip feeding “bit by bit”. The content which is to be published may be created weeks or even months in advance, just as with autoresponders. Depending on what campaign you are launching, this process may be fully automated and published into all desired channels. The most important metrics may be analyzed via the account dashboard.

4. Enormous Training Sessions & Materials

Life long passive incomeOneBiz is home to an extensive training program for users of its cloud service as well as for all partners and franchise members who are on board. They will receive access to pre-made seminars and web utensils, seminar guidelines, training concepts, lists of participants & manuals, checklists and much more. Network marketing is a training system, which is why partners will find a lot of content and training utensils in order to school themselves and their team in the usage and promotion of OneBiz. The themes of the training units are diverse: Team Building, motivation of team members, cold calling, sales training, how to create effective presentations, project management & communication.

5. Content Spinning

Content SpinningAll text content can be analyzed automatically, altered, spinned or remixed with other content. The spinned content will reach a uniqueness factor of approximately 70-80%! The published content across all portals and profiles will also be “unique”, because a powerful text spinning tool has been integrated into our system. Millions of words, phrases and synonyms can thus be made SEO and reader friendly at the push of a button. If a user decides to publish an expert article in 20 article portals, then each of these portals will receive another spinned version.

5. Lifetime passive compensation

Lifelong Passive CompensationThe construction of team structures is of sustainable value. All team members will become a part of one's structure for life and their commissions collected. If desired, one’s account may be passed on to one’s family. It is important to build one’s own, large and powerful team in a fast way, to train it and to create regional franchises on a long term basis. If one member from the team develops into a local or regional franchise partner, no matter in what city or country on this earth, then the “trainer” will also receive commissions based on turnover of these regional branches.

6. OneBiz Content-Cloud

OneBiz Content-CloudOneBiz offers hundreds of thousands of content variations, content snippets and PLR articles, all as part of its huge content search engine. Users can utilize these as an advance base, spin them and later on publish them as their own content. All spinned variations flow back into the search engine and will be available for all other users. An exponentially growing monster “content-cloud” based around OneBiz is created. Every single content variation will be built as a landing page. New users who register via these will be added to that sponsor who created the page's commissions system . The creation of content is thus rewarded and encouraged.

6. Receiving Payments Through OneBiz-Debit Card

Payment Via OneBiz Debit CardEvery OneBiz user account is equipped with a so called eWallet. All earned commissions from the multi-level commissions and bonus program flow into this digital wallet. It does not matter whether the affiliates have created this revenue via online users or offline branches from the international franchising system. Within your account you may create an internationally usable Debit Card for free in order to take out earned commissions. With this card you may visit your favorite restaurant, pay bills, go shopping or get cash at cash machines. You may of course transfer your commissions directly from your eWallet to another account or to charge your eWallet.

7. Gamification & Leaderboards

Gamification & LeaderboardsThe concept of gamification from the gaming industry was integrated in all of the OneBiz ecosystem. Users receive points for various activities, they may reach higher levels and receive awards, recognition, bonuses, downloads, free tickets, VIP materials and avatars. All OneBiz users have access to the so called leaderboards, which display the “best” users from various categories, regions or countries. All leaderboards look dynamic and are updated live and on a constant basis, depending on who within the OneBiz community has accomplished certain actions.

7. Exclusive Bonus & Leadership Program

Exclusive Bonus & Leadership ProgramOneBiz offers its best and most successful partners to partake in its exclusive bonus and leadership program. The first trip will take the most active partners to the first OneBiz Dubai Summer Mastermind. Meet the best people in the industry! The OneBiz core team as well as the brains behind the innovative traffic-cloud-service can be met live and at a highly exclusive location in Dubai: The luxury hotel Atlantis Palms. All further information about becoming eligible to take part and how to qualify as soon as possible may be found within your OneBiz-Account under “Information”.


At its core, OneBiz.com is a blogging platform, containing a fully automated distribution tool allowing the building of automated content and traffic in a timely-controlled manner.

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